Having faith

It’s hard not to be so envious of everyone getting pregnant and having babies, and still I sit here, with a negative test and a flat tummy… After more than two years. It’s hard not to get so consumed into something that it consumes almost your every thought. When you go to bed dreaming about it and then it’s the first thing you think about when you get up. It’s not a fair thing but God never promised anything to be easy, I try to remember that He will never put us through more than we can handle, and although we can’t see what lies ahead we just have to trust in Him and He will provide. I have faith. I pray that someday soon I too will feel that joy, feel my sweet baby moving inside of me, and all the experiences to come. How blessed I am to be a woman and be able to experience that, I am so thankful. I cannot wait for that experience. Praying everyday for it and putting all faith in my provider!!! ❤️